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Academic Program

Fulfilling His Call.  Trained to make a difference!

As an institution that specializes in off campus studies, Pentecostal Bible College have simplified the application process so that you can meet application deadlines and criteria with ease.

The PBC enrollment staff is also available to assist enrollees with any concerns

and inquiries they may have.

Pentecostal Bible College offers students a Christ-centered, bible based and practical education. We believe everyone has a mission. It’s our goal to give you the tools, resources and ability to strike out into the world and fulfill your assignment on earth.  We also believe students from all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to attend Pentecostal Bible College.  We offer a variety of degree programs that will meet all your spiritual kingdom goals. 

Our degree programs range from Associate Degree which is a two year program, a Bachelors Degree which is a four year program and our post graduate degrees of Masters and Doctorates.  

We also offer an Accelerated Degree Learning Process which allows you to complete each degree in half the time if you qualify for that option. 


Once your submitted we will 

send you a letter of receipt. 

The department dean will 

review your file. 

Be patient with us, this process may take a little while.

After your application has been received, reviewed and accepted you will recieve your ACCEPTANCE PACKAGE 

 by email. 


The cost of an PBC education was designed to be friendly to the economy of all our students. 

Once your application is accepted, you will receive all financial information including tuition and fees concerning your degree program and 

area of study in 

your Acceptance Package.


Associate Degree in Religious Studies

Bachelors of Theology

Bachelors in Religious Studies

Bachelors in Christian Education

Bachelors in Missiology

Bachelors in Pastoral Studies

Bachelors in Leadership

Masters in Theology

Masters in Educational Leadership

Masters in Ministry Leadership

Doctorate in Theology

Doctorate in Leadership


The Accelerated Leadership Program is available at all our International Certified 

Affiliate Campuses.  

Please contact the PBC International Affairs Commission for all requirements for completing the 

Leadership Degree

Become a Certified Affiliate Campus today!

Contact our International Affairs Commission at


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