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Administrative Center

Look what the Lord has done!

With its humbly beginnings as the official training institution of Faith Ministries PAW over 30 years ago, the Pentecostal Bible College has become a behemoth in the field of distance learning,

e-learning and virtual learning.  We are delivering international Christian education to students around the world.

Pentecostal Bible College offers students a Christ-centered, bible based and practical education. We believe everyone has a mission. It’s our goal to give you the tools, resources and ability to strike out into the world and fulfill your assignment on earth.  We also believe students from all economic backgrounds should have the opportunity to attend Pentecostal Bible College.  We offer a variety of degree programs that will meet all your spiritual kingdom goals. 

Our degree programs range from Associate Degree which is a two year program, a Bachelors Degree which is a four year program and our post graduate degrees of Masters and Doctorates.  

We also offer an Accelerated Degree Learning Process which allows you to complete each degree in half the time if you qualify for that option. 

Our main Administrative Center is still located on the sprawling campus of Faith Ministries in the city of Tuskegee, Alabama.  Located at 2501 Holy Ghost Circle, just minutes away from the historic HBCU, Tuskegee University.

Pentecostal Bible College has become a leader in providing quality education through building dynamic partnerships with bible institutions around the world to officer a rich bible, theological and leadership curriculum that empowers, impacts and changes lives.

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