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Degree Programs

Going Higher.  Growing Stronger.  Making a Statement.

At Pentecostal Bible College Registrar's Office, obtaining a degree is a statement of accomplishment.  It signifies that you have taken the required steps to master your anointing and to proclaim to the world your position as a man and woman of God 

who takes pride in their vocation.  

Pentecostal Bible College offers a variety of degrees to ensure you receive the best education and preparation for your ministerial and leadership future.



Undergraduate Degree Programs:

An Associate Degree is typically a two year degree

Associate Degree in Religious Studies

Associate Degree in Leadership and Development

An Bachelor Degree is typically a four year degree

Bachelor of Religious Studies

Bachelor of Christian Counseling

Bachelor of Christian Education

Bachelor of Theology

Bachelor of Administration & Organization

Bachelor of Arts in Leadership

Bachelor of Pastoral Studies

Bachelor of Missiology

Graduate Degree Programs:

Master of Theology

Master of Christian Counseling

Master of Administration & Organization

Master of Educational Leadership

Master of Ministry Leadership

Doctor of Leadership

Doctor of Christian Education

Doctor of Christian Counseling

Doctor of Ministry

Doctor of Administration & Organization

Doctor of Arts

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